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Mine and Others' Thoughts

Few things in the preparedness/survival field generate more passionate debate that the subject of survival weapons.  There are more advice and opinions and recommendations on this subject that you will ever care to read and assimilate.  The credibility of the person giving the advice is the first thing you should consider.  I don't choose to share much information about myself, but I will say that I have been a lifelong hunter and target shooter, spent 21+ years in the military, have shot more than 100 different makes and models of firearms, and consider myself a fairly decent amateur gunsmith.  I was on the Pistol Team on most bases where I was stationed, and earned an Expert Pistol Medal and an Expert Rifle Medal while on active duty.

I am an Endowed member of the National Rifle Association and a Life member of the Texas State Rifle Association.

People who know me respect my firearms expertise, and I hope that the information I provide in this portion of the website will at least be considered accurate, even if it may not seem pertinent to your situation.  Because there is no one set of weaponry that will suit all people and all situations.  You have to determine what situations you are likely to encounter and from that select the weapons you think best fit your needs.

One thing's for sure: If you are alone or with a small group in an unfortified shelter, you're not going to be able to outgun SEAL Team 6 or any well armed, well equipped and well trained hoard who decide to descend on you in the dead of night.  So you need to decide what is possible when it comes to weaponry and defense and work toward that goal.  At some future date you might decide to build your mini-version of Fort Knox, but you probably don't want to start there.