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The difference between "Preparedness" and "Emergencies" (at least to me) is that "Preparedness" implies that you need to be ready for any kind of event that affects a large portion of the population, and lasts a sufficient amount of time that there will be people in desperate need with no governmental body willing or capable to assist them.  "Emergencies" are more temporary in nature, and if you can hold out long enough, help is going to be on the way.  This section is on "Preparedness".

Few of us, no matter how convinced we are that some catastrophic event is going to happen in our lifetime, are going to initially have the resources of time, effort, storage space and money to prepare for an event that will last a year or more.  So the first decision one has to make is "What do I have the time, effort and money TO prepare for?"  The answer to that question is a great place to start.

Here's my recommendation for starting out:

  • Start with a 3-day bug out bag (BOB).  Always keep it stocked with in-date food, water, and medicines.  Get in the habit of always putting it in your vehicle when you leave home, and taking it out when you return home.  Hot cars are the worst enemy to many of the items in your BOB.  Make a list of what's in there and the expiration date for perishable items.  You can find many BOB lists on the web that will give you a starting point, but your situation is likely different from other people's, so tailor your items accordingly.  For what's it's worth, here's a link to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) BOB list: and one from the "Survival Cache" website:

  • Ensure that you have at least 3 days worth of food and drinking water at your shelter.  Make sure you have an off-the-grid method of preparing it.  Rotate it so that it is never out-of-date.  Here's a link to a list to start with: FEMA Family Supply List:[1].pdf

  • Ensure that you have a method of protecting you and your supplies from those elements of our society that would rather steal yours than stockpile theirs.