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My Rantings
(semi-original thoughts)



Seeking Restful Sleep

Just think of things that never were,
Or gold and frankincense and myrrh,
Or things that baa and coo and purr,
Or beds as soft as rabbit fur.

Or think of sultry ladies fair,
With black or brown or flaxen hair,
Their realm's a place you'd like to share,
They gently take you in their care.

Think about a babbling brook,
Reflect on when to set the hook,
Or create fashion's newest look,
Or ponder all the ways to cook.

Relax your mind and think of things,
Like pirate ships or poet kings,
Or lovely girls with angel's wings,
Who say they'll be your underlings.

If sleep eludes you, thing of how,
Your life got from past tense to now,
Or how to milk or how to plow,
Or why cows moo and cats meow.

Think of the mystic ways of Zen,
Or why the sun darkens your skin,
Or all the things that might have been,
If men were gods and gods were men.

Sleep well.