The Wonders You Seek Update Log
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The Wonders You Seek Update Log

Date Page Changes made
2015/01/28 Home (index.htm) Added to verbiage.  Added link to Update Log.
2015/01/28 Update Log (UpdateLog.htm) Added Update Log page.
2015/01/28 Meditation (Meditation.htm) Added pictures
2015/01/28 Motivation (Motivation.htm) Added Pictures
2015/01/28 Preparedness (PrepareMain.htm) Worked on background, etc.
2015/01/31 Preparedness Worked on several sections of the Preparedness area
2015/02/01 Beliefs and Myths ( Worked on the Header and the Body of this section
2015/02/02 Home (index.htm) Updated the verbiage.
2015/02/02 Beliefs and Myths (BeliefsMyths.htm) Added more sayings and quotes
2015/02/02 Preparedness Added more information to several sections.
2015/02/02 Weaponry Added information to several of the pages in this section.